Wisdom Wednesdays: Kid President’s “Pep Talk”


Happy Wednesday! I’m sure you all have seen this amazing pearl of wisdom, but I just thought I would just share it with you all again. Every now and then, things can get a little hectic, and we may not be sure of what will come next — but that is okay! Life isn’t a destination friends, it’s a journey and we must remember that everything will happen in its due time. As you move through your day answering calls, racing to make deadlines, checking and responding to emails and even scrolling through your Twitter feed, take a little bit of time to pause for a second. That message will get answered, that deliverable finalized and those talking points sent to your boss. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and continue to be great.


Because after all, you do have air coming through your nose.


Cheers to a productive day,


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