Wisdom Wednesdays: Chrisette Michele’s ‘Journey To Better’

Happy March people!

It’s the first of the month, and I’ve decide to start another segment here on Young, Gifted & PRecise titled “Wisdom Wednesdays”. I’m always looking to learn and grow from everyone around me, and what better way to do that than to share the gems I find with you!

I’ve been a fan of Chrisette Michele for a very long time, and this is Β a beautiful snapshot of her growth as an artist and an individual.

I absolutely love it when celebrities can be their authentic selves, showing us that they are humans with the same hopes, fears and dreams just like us. The nine minute spot begins as Chrisette takes us on a journey through Brooklyn, New York — first stopping by a local bike shop and then going on to get a tattoo. She speaks to how throughout her career she has been acting as a sponge: soaking up as much information from everyone around her. From music moguls like Diddy, Jay-Z and Kevin Liles to publicists, mail clerks and marketers — she explains how she has taking notes in order to gain a deeper insight on how the music business actually functions. She really is working diligently mold and shape her talent, and the most important thing that she is doing is illustrating the process. There are going to be times when life presents us with disappointments, pain and defeat, but it is all about how we use those experiences to make ourselves stronger and wiser.

As I look to embark on the Β next phase in my career, I am definitely going to take a page from Chrisette’s book and become so engulfed in the world around me — taking notes (mentally and physically) from the great leaders, teachers and thinkers that I interact with on the daily. Putting myself out there and being vulnerable to the point that the lesson I learn will only make me a better person. I challenge everyone that reads this post to always strive to be greater than you were the day before, and never stop learning. Hold on to your passion and continue to work hard at perfecting your craft.

Thank you for sharing your journey and beautiful spirit with us Chrisette, and thanks to Clutch Magazine for covering this first.

For more information on Chrisette, follow her on Twitter and check out her new single “A Couple of Forevers” on iTunes!


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