Cheers to the New Year: 2013 is Here!

all gold everything.

Happy New Year guys! I hope that you all brought in the new year surrounded with great friends, laughter and good champagne. And if you weren’t lucky to get a kiss at midnight, don’t sweat it — there’s always next year 😉

As we counted down to the new year, I noticed so many of my Twitter and Facebook friends posting great lessons that they’ve learned over the course of 2012. Some of them were funny, others seemed personal — but what I took away was how everyone could relate to one lesson learned or another. Here are just two of my favorites that I re-tweeted yesterday:

From @IamNecole:

and from @GirlTalkMaven:

My friends heckle me sometimes for tweeting too much, but I think it’s a great learning tool. And while we’re only one day into 2013, I’m already learning lessons that I know will change me for the better. As we begin to write a new chapter of our lives, we should challenge ourselves to work harder and smarter, and just be kind to one another. What we put into the universe is a definite sign of what we will receive, so remember to always think positive and shine bright regardless of the circumstance. I believe in you, so go out there and show 2013 who’s boss!

Be sue to come holler at your girl on Twitter too! 🙂


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