Year in Review: #2012TaughtMe…

what a difference a year makes.

looking back at all that 2012 has brought, i can say that i’ve learned a tremendous amount that can  will only continue to steer me in the right direction in the year to come.

i know one thing — i am not taking my 20s for granted. sure, a lot of people my age are walking down the aisle and building families of their own, while others are traveling the world, starting their own businesses and sitting at tables with great thought leaders in politics, education and entertainment. i couldn’t be more happy for my peers in accomplishing their goals and thanks to social media, we are able to see their journey every step of the way.

as i get ready to walk into the excitement of the new year, here are a few lessons that i’ve learned this year that can only make me stronger and wiser in 2013:

1.  trust your struggle.

the struggle is real y’all, that is no lie. but just know that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. the universe always has a wonderful way of revealing things to you in the most timely fashion. i’m certain that in 2013 that I will face even more challenges as a young adult, but it will be nothing that I won’t be able to handle.

2. bridges may burn, but don’t you be the one to strike the match.

relationships can get a little sticky sometimes, but don’t be THAT kid that just goes around ending things for no reason. if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t stick around in it. now granted, I’ve had a few friendships of my own that sometimes leave me (gently) scratching my curls, but then I realize that there must be a reason that they’re in my life. everyone that I’ve encountered this year has taught me a great lesson — now it will be up to me to accurately apply that lesson learned as I move forward.

3. it is okay to fail.

it is quite alright to make mistakes and learn from them. If you didn’t know, I am a BIG dreamer. When I see something that I am interested in, I take all of my energy and (sometimes) just go full throttle without much thought. If there’s anything I’m taking away from 2012 is to be more THOROUGH in my actions and to just basically keep my mouth shut until the concrete details are laid. Everyone doesn’t need to know your every move, nor do they need to know why you are choosing to do so. Just trust your gut, have faith and know that things are going to work out. I am my own worst critic and best competitor, so it is important for me to do things that will produce the best outcome for myself. I definitely lacked in that department this year, but I am going to go into 2013 without a doubt ready to face the music and conquer my fears.

So there you have it friends — just a few lessons that 2012 has taught me. This year has be one of growing pains for sure, but I’m confident that all that I’ve endured these last 12 months has just been a test. The testimony will come stronger than ever in 2013 — stay tuned.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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