Here’s To New Beginnings: #TeachTheBabies – Day 1

While most people are gearing up for their summer vacations, lazy days by the pool and other cool adventures, I have started on a journey that has been a long time coming — teaching!

It hasn’t always been my dream to be a teacher, but if you know me well, then you know that as of late I have developed a very strong passion to work in the field of education. A few friends from home used to call “shaper of young minds”, and I never quite understood why. But this summer, it looks like that title will come into full fruition. While the students I will be working with are far from babies (incoming high school freshmen to be exact), they are still young in the sense that they’re identities are still being molded, their decision-making skills are still being harnessed and they will be making some very big decisions over the next four years of their high school careers. I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this monumental transition in their lives. It also helps that I have so much support from the organization I work for to be as creative and hands-on as I want to be — shout out to you all too! ๐Ÿ™‚

So over the course of the next six weeks, I will do my best to update you all on my progression in the classroom: from the challenges to triumphs to those amazing teachable moments, I’m ready for it all. This is the blessing and stepping stone that I have been waiting for, and I’m just ready to give my all and watch the change gradually take place.

Cheers to the best summer yet!



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