Uhh…What? :: Ashton Kutcher x Pop Chips Ad

So I’m on YouTube last night, right — waiting for another annoying commercial to end so that I can watch my favorite choreographer bust a move, and all of a sudden, I see this come across my screen:

Yes, you are seeing correctly — no need to adjust your screen. That is American’s favorite boy next door Ashton Kutcher donning brown make-up Β (Indian accent and all) playing the role of a Bollywood director looking for love. Offensive? Uhh yeah, just a little bit.

I’m not sure if this is a way to poke fun at his new-found singledom or what, but A.Kutch needs to get it together. Now maybe I’m not like other people, but when I initially saw this ad I made a “WTF?” face at my computer screen. I was completely unaware that it was actually an ad for Pop Chips until I saw one of Kutcher’s many characters eat a potato chip that his dog had licked.

The company has since taken down the commercial, but thanks the Today Show, you can watch a clip of it here. I totally understand the need for companies to make advertisements now days that are edgy and attention grabbing, but the fact that some of the things that Kutcher’s Indian character stated were really prejudiced and border line racist.

How do you think Pop Chips should respond? And as the “President of Pop Culture”, what should Ashton Kutcher say about this advertisement? If he doesn’t have a crisis communications person, it’s about time that he look for one…


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