Imagine That: TED-Ed Looks To Bring Education To Life

” The quest for knowledge and understanding never gets dull…”

I was reading my daily dose of Ragan’s PR Daily, and I came across the post “The 5 Best Stories About Writing This Week“. As an avid writer and aspiring public relations professional, I am always looking to improve the way I use my words in order to connect with various audiences. In that same breath, I noticed a blurb that mentioned the ever-inspiring TED and how they are now branching out into the education arena with TED-Ed. Below is a brief two minute clip describing the impact that TED-Ed will making education.

Very cool, right?! It is innovative tools that just ignite my passion for education. Now if I had this amazing access to technology as young people do that are in school now? Wow, I would have been so much more interested in my studies in elementary, middle and high school. Now don’t get me wrong, there were tools that allowed for my teachers to connect with students using the internet, videos and powerpoint presentations–but the idea of something like blended learning (bringing technology into the classroom, hands on learning) for students in school now is just empowering and it gives students the chance to be in charge of their own educational journey. I want to be able to advocate for organizations like TED so that all students, from kindergarten to college seniors have access to technology in and out of the classroom.

TED-Ed strives to bring teachers’ lessons to life and share them with students all over the world. If you’re unfamiliar with TED, the organization is known for its conferences with ordinary people that are awe-inspiring speakers. They share their stories which to us, may seem larger than life, but they really just took the time to see what was void in our society and incited change. These individuals are an example of  working hard and smart, as well as just thinking outside of the box.

The world of education is growing constantly. But the fact remains that there are some school districts that don’t have access to booming technologies such as these. This is why we all have to work together in order to assure that students have the ability to take charge of their education. I’m willing to use the knowledge I have and to learn more in order to see that this will happen in the future.


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