Today’s Boost of Confidence: #DCPR101 presented by IMPACT & District Connectors

Today was a good day.

As a matter of fact, today was a great day. Now I’ll admit, I had a moment earlier where I felt extremely defeated about my job search and not getting any feedback, but you know what? I am confident that everything happens for a reason.

After having a mini-vent session with my beloved aunt today, I’ve decided that in order to get the most out of your experience in life wherever you may be at this moment, you Β have to be willing to do things unconventionally. That’s not saying to just go crazy, but strategically place yourself in circles where you know people are going to look out for your best interests and ultimately showcase your talents and skills to get to where you deserve to be.

This evening, I had the pleasure of attending the networking and mentoring event #DCPR101 hosted by IMPACT and District Connectors (all of my friends who live or soon will be living in The District, get to know these two organizations very well). The event took place at Edelman’s DC office in their lovely engagement room. And while at first I was a little hesitant about stepping back into the doors where three weeks ago I ended my internship bittersweetly, I noticed how everyone that I used to work with welcomed me with open arms. It was very refreshing to see familiar faces, and to know that even though I didn’t work there any more, they still remembered me.

(R to L) Joe Briggs, IMPACT DC; Ashley Huggins, Edelman DC; Kiara Pesante, District Connectors; Alyssa Boule, Edelman DC

This event it just one in a series of three mentoring-networking events and I must say that the turn out was outstanding! (Shouts-out again to Kiara Pesante for being amazing – she’s an inspiration y’all) I enjoyed getting to speak to recent grads, current undergrad and graduate students as well as working professionals that were very established in their careers. And although I may be riding the unemployment train right now, it just gave me that energy I needed to keep moving forward and don’t stop until I’ve reached my goal of becoming fully employed. Meeting people from all sorts of career backgrounds – from education to consulting to politics and law – but one thing brought us together and that was our admiration for communicating. (Friends, your network will build your net worth– it’s not what you know but who you Β know. Remember that.)

One thing I learned from this experience is that you can’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Sound cliche? Well, it is working in the PR industry (or any industry for that matter), so you all will have to deal. But anyway, not holding yourself back and just listeningΒ other people’s stories and their backgrounds can put a lot in perspective for your. The art of communication is more than just being able to speak well, but you also must be keen to listening and hearing what someone is saying to you. I think that this “time off” has allowed me to understand where my real passion lies and how I want to leverage my current and future education with my career path. My goals and aspirations are in place, now I just have to continue to blaze my own trail inorder to get where I want to be.

A huge thanks to everyone that came out to support and for Edelman DC for being such great hosts. Shout-out to all of the amazing people that I met — we will be meeting up soon!

Keep you eyes open for more events from District Connectors in the near future. πŸ™‚





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