#Obama2012: The Road We’ve Traveled (Documentary)

By now, you probably know that we are facing yet another election  year and with all that has taken place in our country, November 6th is going to be one of the most important days in history.

I’m not always one to delve into politics, but living in the Nation’s capitol has given me no choice but to read POLITICO, Roll Call and scroll through tweets from the White House on a daily basis.

President Obama was faced with many challenges as he entered office in January 2009, and this 17-minute documentary released by the Obama Campaign (shown above) sheds light on the tough decisions he had to make and his advisers that were there to support them. The video features the likes of Vice President Joe Biden, Mayor (and the President’s former chief of staff) Rahm Emmanuel and former President Bill Clinton. If you’re still unsure as to what President Obama has actually done so far during his presidency, check this out and take notes.

I’m not telling you who to vote for in November, but just look at the facts and also listen to the views from the other side of the fence (as bizarre as they may sound.) Educate yourself so that you are fully aware of what is at stake. Living in America in this day and age is by far one of the most enlightening things my generation will ever experience, and I can say that we definitely have seen change come. Undoubtedly, we still have a far way to go, but it’s up to us to keep that momentum going.

It’s time for us to make history again and bring back that magic from November 2008.

Register to vote and go to the polls on November 6th, 2012.


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