REWIND –Talk About My Generation: #KONY2012

This is probably still one of the most powerful things I’ve seen this week.

The power of technology is giving people the opportunity to stop a vicious movement that has captured thousands of children in Uganda and turned them against their own people.


Now granted, I had to step back a minute, do a little research and review the post that I made hours ago. Sure, people are using the power of tools like Twitter, Facebook and other  networks to spread the word about the terrible things that this dude Kony has done and continues to do in Africa. But being that we are in the age of knowledge, we have to be careful of what we allow ourselves to take in.

Now call me what you want, but I’m not one of those many few that will always jump at the opportunity to donate my money to any and every cause (I don’t think Sallie Mae would approve of that) but at the same time, I do appreciate how people are taking advantage of social media to incite change. Just as we did to get President Obama elected in 2008, and to aid natural disasters in both Japan and Haiti, people are using these techniques to reach the masses.

All I’m saying is, you have to be sure to check yourself before you start signing petitions and wanting to join marches on any and every subject matter.

For example, education equality is important to me. Will I drop everything I’m doing to go protest on the steps of The Capitol tomorrow? Probably not, but what I will continue to do is use my talents in the world of communications to spread the word about education policy in the K-12 arena.

With this #Kony2012 thing, I’m not saying don’t support the movement, because it is indeed a terrible thing what has happened to these children over the last several decades. I’m just saying remain open to the many sources that provide you with your daily round up of information and don’t be afraid to question and do your own research.

Fight the power.


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