Believe In Yourself: Live To Make An Impact

“The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave…that I made a difference, and this world will see I was here” – Beyonce


Yesterday marked the end of an era for me — I completed my nine month run as an intern for three agencies. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to work at all three successful establishments, but during this last internship experience, I realized that there is something greater than myself that I am destined be apart of.  Sure, I made a few mistakes along the way, but what matters most to me is that I’ve learned from these experiences and will become even better at what I do. Making the move from the agency setting to the nonprofit sector is going to be one that may have its challenges, but I believe that I am more than ready to tackle them head-on. Tonight, I had the opportunity to attend an event for the non-profit organization The MusicianShip that was truly inspiring. To see someone’s dream actually come to life and fruition further encouraged me to just take that leap of faith and follow my dreams of wanting to make my mark on this world. One young woman’s passion for music is now changing the lives of students through scholarship, service and education. And all because she wanted to make a difference.

Do you ever stop and think about the impact that you as a sole individual can make on one person’s life?  I never understood how I could be that one person to enable inspiration, but after this evening, I can see how an individual’s actions can plant the tiniest seed that gives birth to the biggest dream. Because of this week’s events, I had to unfortunately miss out on seeing my dance organization’s annual show. But the many positive and encouraging messages that I had received in response to my absence just opened my eyes to something very important: life is more than just about material things, accolades and living comfortably–it’s about leaving your footprint on the hearts and minds of those around you. While they may already know this, my family and friends continue to inspire me everyday to be greater and to do things that will make me a better person. And I’m learning that now it is time to give back and invest more time in bringing up the generation that’s behind me, preparing them to take charge of their destinies and living to make an impact.

As I look toward the next phase of my career, two of many songs will be motivation: Beyonce’s “I Was Here” and the Glee mash-up “I Believe I Can Fly/Fly“. We all have dreams, and we are more than capable of surpassing our own expectations. But as you move forward, never forget to stop and be grateful for how far you’ve come, where you are and where you are heading. Additionally, always thank those those who hold you down along the way. It isn’t always going to be easy, but the reward will be unmatched to anything we shall ever experience. Finally, I want any one reading this to never neglect the fact that you are indeed valued and needed — don’t ever be afraid to dream, try and do.

I believe in you.


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