My Newest Obsession – All I Do Is Pin, Pin, Pin!

Have you caught on to the latest trend yet?! If not, you seriously need to jump on the pinning bandwagon!

To some Pinterest may seem pointless, but it is in fact the next wave of microblogging. Remember back in the day when your elementary school teacher had those cork boards you could stick pictures, papers and other cool things on? Well, just think of it that way but being able to post all of your favorite things with thousands of other people across the Internet.  The object behind the website is for users to share photos, links and even recipes with one another by posting on their respective “boards”.

Similar to Tumblr, you can “pin” and “re-pin” things that you like from other users that you follow — the only cool difference is that you can put all of your pins into different categories. You can also connect your Pinterest account to you Facebook and Twitter pages. Another cool feature is that whatever photo you click on or re-pin, it leads to you to the website from where it originated. So for food and drink recipes, workout tips, DIY ideas and cute clothes, you can find what peaks your interest and apply it to your daily life!

I’ve to about nine boards on my page that I have named with several pins on each. I think it’s super cool and this give Internet users another opportunity to connect with one another on a different and innovative platform.

Many brands and companies like H&M, NewsWeek and even the U.S. Army have joined the network to market some of their favorite things as well as connect with their audiences.

Yesterday, Black Enterprise Magazine released an article with “5 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Career Success” — who would’ve thought that pinning could land you a job?!

The more popular it is becoming, the more that tech and business experts are figuring out ways that companies can profit (both monetarily and getting user information) from the simple yet very interactive website.

So now that you know the basics, it’s time for you to get started! Log on and start your pinning adventures today!


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