daily observation: “HUSTLE HARD.”

I’m gonna be honest. Lately, I’ve found myself complaining and sometimes pouting over my current career situation. But after today, I’m learning that I must step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

Time for a good ol’ reality check.

Yesterday, I experienced a teachable moment– one that was a realization I need to come to. In effort to help my future lawyer friend, I served as a witness in a mock trial practice to prepare her and her classmates for an upcoming competition. While I have NO law experience whatsoever (wait–does watching Law & Order SVU count?)  I think that they did an excellent job preparing me to sound like I was a believable, as well as pleading their case. Throughout the practice, I noticed that the students would sometimes get frustrated, maybe lose their place and even feel defeated by their instructor’s harsh remarks. But this experience further showed me that no matter how many times you get knocked down or discouraged, YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING.

Sure– I may not be where I want to be right at this moment, but I know for damn sure I’m well on my way. And it’s hard out here for a recent grad living this intern life, but you know what? I know that something greater is on the horizon.

One thing I see in my generation (which I love and hate) is the fact that we are so stuck on wanting NOW. ‘I want a full time job”, “I want a guy/girl that will treat me right”, “I want to ball so hard…”(you know the rest). But do we ever stop and take in our experiences as stepping stones to the more difficult challenges we may later have to face in life?


Life after graduating from a four year institution isn’t supposed to be easy. My good friend Kendell made an amazing point during our gchat conversation on how many people our age feel so entitled to want the awesome job, the nice whip and the flashy clothes. But at what cost are you willing to work for it? He told me that it took 30 years for his grandmother to become head nurse at a hospital. THIRTY YEARS of waking up day after day and working extremely hard to get where she wanted to be.

So you may have to intern for a year after getting your degree before you land a full time job, go to a job that may not be your cup of tea and work long hours 7 days a week, or maybe even stay in school an extra year and some change before you snatch that diploma — BIG WHOOP! Do what you have to do so you can get where you need to be! My point is, pay attention to the minor details that will help you get to that next level. Be thankful for the small victories that come your way and understand that your hard work isn’t going unnoticed. You’ll make mistakes along the way but nobody’s perfect but the good Lord Himself.

Work hard, hustle tirelessly and stay hungry.  I know if we keep at it, the kids will be alright.


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