daily observation: are we G.O.O.D.?


A  question that I’ve asked myself every day since I graduated in May is simple, yet complicated all the same: am I living my dreams? It seems easier said than done, but now that I’ve been out of the bubble known as Syracuse for almost a year, I’m starting go wonder if I really am doing what makes me happy.

Sure, I attended an amazing school, had two majors and stayed busy with countless student orgs and leadership positions, but what good is it if I’m not putting that experience to use in the “real world”? Lord knows I want to take over the world in my own way, but where do I start? And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way– so friends, how do we get out our dreams?

We all know G.O.O.D. Music is the record label Kanye West started with fellow musicians Common and John Legend a few years ago. And honestly, their hustle has always been an inspiration to me. While we tend to focus on how their music is doing on the charts, and who they may (or may not) have beef with, all three men are doing things to contribute to the global community and using the talents that God has given them to make the world a better place.

So just pause for a second–what are you good at? Take an inventory of your talents, capabilities and gifts and ask yourself: what can I do to make this world a better place?

Sometimes it takes us thinking about the bigger picture in order to make personal and significant changes.  If you asking any of my family and close friends, they will tell you that I have one of the most colorful imaginations out there–and I’m thankful for this everlasting characteristic. But as I sat multitasking at work yesterday, I was Facebook chatting with two friends I went to college with and realized that I need to stop dreaming and start doing.

My mentor P. is an aspiring creative director and choreographer that lives in NYC. Not only is she an amazing dancer, but she is one of the sweetest and most down to earth people I’ve ever met. Her ambition and hustle are endless, and I just know that one day I’ll be watching her work (from VIP of course) in a sold-out arena of screaming fans.

My boy Meezy is an aspiring writer and entrepreneur also in NYC that has started a campaign titled My Decade to support the release of his first published work of poetry. Another relentless ambition that I can wait to see do amazing things in the future.

These two are just an example of the countless individuals that I’m blessed to know, that are my inspiration and who really want to incite change. They gave me that little kick in the pants that I needed to get back into the swing of things–thanks guys. 🙂

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s get moving! Now know this: it isn’t always going to be easy, and there will be times where you fall or even get stuck — but don’t let that stop your from moving forward. As we continue our journeys to greatness, I hope that we can hold one another accountable for the goals that we set out to achieve.

A quote that I’ve recently taken to heart states this:

“Never let odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.”

Be great. Take risks. Embody curiosity. And most importantly– don’t be afraid to fail.


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