Since WordPress is one of the many websites protesting against SOPA tomorrow, I must get my blog on tonight.

But I’m on the edge of twenty two and staring twenty three dead in the face. Am I excited? Of course! Birthdays are awesome — they’re the only day during the year where you can do absolutely anything and get away with it. But I plan on treating this birthday a little bit differently than the rest. I’ve made a number of personal goals for myself this year, and I look forward to achieving them all.

I’ll admit, year twenty two taught me a lot, and although it is a little bitter sweet to say goodbye to such a great year, I’m ecstatic about what year twenty three has in store.

The joys and pains of growing up ultimately shape you into the adult that you become. And while the good always out weighs the bad, year twenty two will leave me with a few scars that will continue to heal.

So here’s to you twenty three: may you grant me love, light, prosperity and everything else I could ever dream of.

*blows out birthday candles* 🙂

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