this really grinds my gears: why you no text me back?

you know what really grinds my gears? when people don’t text you back, knowing good and well the last comment that you sent was INDEED called for a rebuttal. and i’m not just talking about wanting a response from a “prospect”, but even from friends and loved ones. clearly, i’m expecting you to say something back to continue the dialogue, but nooo, you’re just going to leave me hanging wondering if you even took a peek at my text message, or rather just ignored it thinking i can read your mind with a response that you were in fact too lazy to type.  what gets me even more are the ambiguous responses that makes no sense whatsoever. oh, and don’t have it be THEM that started the conversation in the first place — homie, you TEXT me! what you’re NOT going to do is not follow up! and i don’t have a blackberry any more, so i can’t tell if you have received and read my message — i’m back to regular old text messages (shout-out to my new  Android EVO 4G Design, this phone is poppington!)

i’m sure you’ve experienced this unfortunate situation on several occasions, and i too am guilty of committing this crime. but just in case you haven’t here are a few examples:

(and these are REAL texts messages that i have sent/received, so don’t get your feelings hurt if you see something familiar)

ME: “hey doll, can’t wait to see you tomorrow :)”

THEM: *no response*

what i would have appreciated was a simple, “same here girlie, can’t wait to see you!” — is that too much to ask?

another example:

THEM: “hey”

ME: (in my mind, really? just ‘hey’?!) – “hi there, how are you?”

THEM: “well, hbu?”

ME: i’m swell. how’s your break going?

THEM: ya know, just relaxing and such — not to much going on around here

. . .uhh, so you’re not going to ask me a similar question in return? but you were the one that hit me up…OH.OKAY.

one more…

THEM: “what time do you get back?”

ME: “I just landed – I’m heading straight to the office from the airport:

THEM: “you did mention that”

…*wrist and hand motion, signaling for  more* — yes, i do recall telling you that i was going to do what i had planned on doing…a bit redundant much?

my point is people, i’m all about common courtesy — conversations via text message/email/twitter/facebook are all about give and take. blame it on me being taught to be a timely individual, but i think it is just normal for a text conversation to end in some sort of salutation like, “i g2g”, “ttyl”, “OK”…heck, i’ll even take an “LOL :)” but for the love of all things digitally conversed, don’t leave me hanging by a moment! (see what i did there?)

*steps off soapbox* — okay, you all can carry on now.


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