#2012goal – to become a better writer.


yes it is true — a new year has made its appearance once again and this time, i’m determined to stick to all of the goals that i’ve set for myself. one of the being becoming a better writer. next to creating dope-tastic choreographed routines in my head, i tend to daydream about writing several short stories about the randomness that i encounter on a daily basis. i find myself saying phrases like, “i really need to write a book” or “this can’t be real life” on a daily basis, so why not share these sightings with the people!

i’m challenging myself to write everyday for the next 363 days — and not just things pertaining to public relations, marketing or social media, but things that i experience while living the single and sassy life of a 20-something in chocolate city. these posts are going to be aside from the personal journal entries i make, but rather more interactive and story-like (so please feel free to comment and give feedback!)

i’ve seen so many people do well with writing (even some people get paid a pretty penny for it) but i think it’s about that time for me to share what life after college is REALLY like. it’s not a bed of roses with sprinkle-laden pillows — no my friends, this is real life like you’ve never seen it before. if you’ve been out of college for a while now, you know what i’m talking about. but for my rising college grads, i will tell you that that bubbly cushion you know as your college campus is about to burst sooner than you think.

in conclusion, i’m about to keep it real (cliché, i know) and i hope i can learn more about myself in the process.

so pour your favorite red or white wine (swirl ONLY the red, please) and get ready to laugh, side-eye, gasp and all that other stuff you do when your read blog posts.


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