you say goodbye (2011), and i say hello (2012).


dear 2011,

before i get all sentimental and emotional, i just want to thank you. for the some of the most memorable moments of my twenties, for teaching me lessons that i will never forget and bringing me through trials and triumphs that have made me the person that i am today. as i stand on the cusp of a new year just seven days away, there is so much reflection i could do but i feel that i’ve spent this year absorbing everything around me in order to prepare myself for the future.

i’m definitely a different person than i was 365 days ago, and i am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to have grown as an individual. i am still my own worst critic, but this year i’ve learned that there are people that love me for who i am and are confident in the great person that I will become.

and to you 2012, i hope that you will be a year of bringing my dreams to reality — professionally and personally. i’m extremely excited about starting fresh in a new city with a new position and even more opportunity to learn and grow. while 2011 was an amazing year, i will only use it as a stepping stone to have an even better year. usually, people take this time to make resolutions that die out after the first few months in the new year, but i won’t take that time to do that. i know in my heart the changes i want to make and i’m going to work my hardest to make sure that they come to pass. 2012, i pray that you will be even better to me than 2011, bringing more amazing people and exciting events into my life–and allowing me to push myself to further limits and enjoy my life to the fullest.

i want thank you for taking the time to even read a smidget of my thoughts and i vow to bring you more in the upcoming year.


merry christmas and happy new year to you all!



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