Hollywood Divorce: The Kardashian-Humphries Edition

Greetings everyone!

So new month is upon us, and already SO many different public relations issues (and stunts) have present us with so many lessons! Are you ready? Here we go!

“Starts out like a small town marriage…”

We now know that if we pair a pretty socialite (because we all know that’s the best career to have) and a random athlete for six months, plan and execute a lavish wedding, have E! create a two-hour long special around it and FINALLY, get the executive producer of the show to make the announcement of the filing of divorce papers after 72 days, we can easily make $18 million dollars. Oh, really? Where do I sign up?!

Kimberly Kardashian loves attention — we get it. But to actually go the super lengths of playing your soon to be ex-husband, the hundreds of people you invited to your wedding and the millions of people that tuned in to watch your over-the-top TV special was just way too much. But like I always say, “You can’t knock the hustle.”

E! Entertainment, along with Ryan Seacrest and momager Kris Jenner knew EXACTLY what they were doing from the jump. How could someone as RANDOM as Kris Humphries bag Kim K? I remember Googling this guy to find out what basketball team he played for, because I had never heard of him! But moving forward, Kimberly played her cards very well in making everyone believe that she was “truly in love.” And lucky for Kris, he got some fame from the deal too.

Now on to looking at this situation as a PR case study. Social and traditional media network overload? Check.  Cream of the crop celebrities in attendance for the media frenzy? Check. Selling the rights to what’s supposed to be one of the most sacred and special days of your entire life? Check. The impeccable timeliness of statements from both the fed-up wife and clueless husband with photos of the divorce papers? Check and mate.

Kim K. and her entire team set this entire scam up flawlessly, and I’m not even mad at it one bit. You know why? Because it ultimately increases their bottom line, and we all know that money is the motive, right?

True and false. As much as we knew this wasn’t going to work from day one, capitalizing on the sanctity of marriage not only makes you look pretty bad, and it does some damage to your overall reputation. Now, are people still going to gawk over her? Yes, but maybe with some reservation. I think that the overall lesson to learn from this is that celebrities do outlandish things like that just to gain even more attention than they already have. She will more than likely land a divorce special on E!, countless interviews in magazines and on television shows and endorsements in the months to come. I would have had maybe an ounce of respect for Kimberly if she decided to maybe donate some of the proceeds she made from this event to charity, but those millions are going right back into the Kardashian empire bank account.

But what do I know? I’m just a simple college grad that finds joy in deciphering public relations in my everyday life. 

I’m just so glad I only watched hour two of the special to see all three wedding dresses that she wore.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Ms. Kardashian. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next.

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