#DearBlackBerry, I’m Leaving You. *insert not interested BBM smiley here*


As you know, millions of you loyal users across the globe suffered from an unknown outage of service. For some, it was as long as three days, but for most customers in the United States, yesterday was just one filled with confusion and disbelief. I know that I was completely frustrated with the lack of communication from your CEO Mike Lazaridis in regards to the outage, and the lack of information as to why my service was spotty. I really couldn’t complain to Sprint because they wouldn’t be able to do much of anything. But this should totally be a lesson to you and your company — be more vocal and transparent with your loyal customers. I couldn’t help but watch my Twitter time fill with jokes from iPhone users about how terrible you are, and why I need to just give up on you. BlackBerry, we go back to May 2008, and even then I was a little hesitant to stay with you but I did. I felt like such a cool kid because I was one of the first of my friends to have a smartphone. And trust me, I have enjoyed my time representing #TeamBlackBerry to the fullest, but after this gripe situation, I will certainly be moving to #TeamiPhone now that Sprint has introduced it to their customers. It’s been real BlackBerry–I will miss the many BBM conversations I’ve had with you, the little red light that flashes when I have an incoming call or text, the various ways I can express my emotions with the BBM smileys, and of course, the evolution from trackball to trackpad. May you grant millions of wishes to those around the world that will stick with you. But frankly, it is time I bid you adieu.

*insert BBM smiley hug here*

From a public relations stand point, when crisis situations happen and effect customers, nothing shows more gratitude and compassion for you clients than to keep constant lines of communication open. I saw maybe one or two retweets yesteday from the BlackBerry account explaining the problem. What would have been more effective on the company’s behalf would to have seen a quick video or email message directly from the CEO addressing the issue. I mean, for what it’s worth, I guess this article in this morning’s Chicago Tribune is acceptable:


But that won’t bring make the many missed emails and BBMs from October 12, 2011. *sigh* Cue “Hard To Say Goodbye* by Boyz II Men…

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