“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” – Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

As I sit here and listen to “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay in my iTunes and typing on my MacBook Pro, I remember the first time I heard that song–it was watching the silhouettes dance freely to Chris Martin’s soothing voice in an iPod commercial. Not only did this commercial put the song on the map, but it also revolutionized the way that we have known to obtain and listen to music. Steve Jobs represented the entire brand of Apple, Inc wholeheartedly — he was THE face of Apple as we knew it. Every time there was a new Apple product coming to market, we would gear up to see Steve in his black turtleneck and jeans, telling us how this product would change the way that we lived our lives. And he was completely right.

This man was a genius — he created what we know as the iLife: iPod, iMac, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iCal…I could go on and on. I remember reading the story of Apple, Inc. going into my freshman year of college and just sitting in awe at how brilliant this man was. The way we live our lives has been revolutionized by his drive and ambition to Think Differently. Steve Jobs is a public relations case study in itself — from the bust of that terrible 1984 commercial to the sleekness of iPad commercials zooming from app to app, we have all witnessed the genius of Apple from beginning to now.

It’s just so crazy that Jobs passed away the day after the iPhone 4S debuted (and we all know how that went). But to not dwell on the negative, I think that Steve lived the life that he imagined and then some. He taught us all that we can live out our dreams with just a little bit of imagination, hard work and belief in our own ideas. The passion and excitement that Steve Jobs had will never be forgotten, and his innovative spirit will always be with us whenever we swipe our finger across an iPod, stroke a key on our MacBook, or plug-in our ear buds to listen to iTunes.
Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. Thank you.



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