The Intern Files: Tweet It, ‘Book It, Link It — GChat It.

As I was sitting at my desk today typing hurriedly and making sure to meet deadlines set by my supervisors before COB, the popular tune “Technologic” by Daft Punk came to mind. During my day, it can seem like much of my routine consists of the tasks listed in the title (and my fellow interns can agree with me). But in order to get where I want to be in this competitive industry, I’m going to have to do simple things like drafting up a contact list of colleagues or punching numbers into an Excel spreadsheet.

But how do you do that when you’re busy writing blog posts, proofreading documents and answering phones? Here are my top three ways :


1. Tweet away my friends!

Yes! Social media is all around us, and if your host internship company doesn’t encourage you to engage with their clients via Twitter or Facebook, then there is something wrong. Now, I won’t drop all of my secrets, but don’t just tweet aimlessly — use your time wisely to get your work done (you’re on company time, remember) and tweet meaningful content. Look out for afternoon tweet chats with communication companies and PR pros to make connects.

2. Google. 

Gmail, Gchat, GoogleNews, GoogleAlerts, Google Reader, Google+…must I continue? More likely than not, as an intern you will be given the task to monitor media of your company’s clients and Google will be you best friend. Instead of just creating alerts for client purposes, create alerts for yourself as well. Two of my favorite alerts are “Social Media” and “Public Relations” and I get news stories everyday at 5:20pm on the day’s news. Use Google, don’t abuse it.

3. Facebook. 

OK, so we all know Facebook has received a face lift, but there’s no need to run and pout about it. Figure out a way to leverage your presence on the social network to improve your personal brand, as well as brain storming ways in which your company’s clients can use the new and improved site to connect with consumers.

4. LinkedIn. 

As the professional of the social networks out there, LinkedIn will not only give you the chance to connect with companies and other individuals in a proper manner, but you can also connect the site to your Twitter account and share stories and news with your followers. Additionally, you can join different groups like #PRChat #HAPPO and #PRINtern | #EntryPR to connect with other interns, entry-level PR rookies and PR professionals.


So there you have it! Be sure to get your work done and maximize your online time so that you’re being productive and learning something new in the process.

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