Tales of Living in DC: The Customer is Always Right

Customer service is key in any organization, company or business. It’s what give you accreditation, builds your client base and keeps the cash flow at a consistent rate. When I’m not busy being Young, Gifted and PRecise during the week at my internship, I have a part-time gig at a local DC restaurant as a hostess for their weekend brunch. Today, it was unusually busy–to the point where I had to diverge from my traditional hostess duties and give the waiting staff a hand. While this was completely new to me and it became overwhelming at times, I learned a lot from today: it takes more energy to get frustrated and flustered than to just put your brain to use and get the job done.

This teachable moment also threw a curve ball my way and shed some light on a few PR tactics. (yes, I’m always thinking of how my surroundings will benefit my career) While some customers were not the most pleasant, and the manager and waiters were obviously overwhelmed, I did my best to represent the brand to my best of my ability and remain calm, cool and collected. And the customers that expressed their enjoyment of their meal and dining experience just made me realize the importance of being kind to everyone that walks into the door. I see over 100 people each time I work a shift, which gives me the opportunity to meet and greet people from all backgrounds. It’s the moments that cause us the most discomfort that tend to teach us the most valuable lessons. 

Being out of school for these four months has definitely been a very humbling and eye-opening experience. I’ve felt every emotion possible, but it’s all been for a good reason. This growing up thing is completely real and while it isn’t easy, I’m going to enjoy the ride.

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