If I Had One Wish….(Crisis Comm Scenario)

It would be for these celebrities to wise up and realize that getting on national media under ANY influence is not good for their image!

If you happen to have been hiding under a rock today, Ray J (yes, Brandy’s brother) took to the airwaves his frustrations with rapper Fabulous and his jokes via Twitter.

I won’t go into the whole situation because I’m sure that you can find a YouTube link or a blog post describing it more in detail.

But I guess it never ceases to amaze me the mind blowing circumstances that these celebrities put themselves, and then it is up to their publicist to somehow clean it up (think Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, ect.) Now one would think–I’m (somewhat) successful, I’ve got money (my sister’s) and I have a group of friends (who don’t even recall what happened) that have my back if anything were to go down. Why would I go on a nationally syndicated radio show and make a fool of myself?

Sound of PR pros: if Ray J were your client, how would you handle this fiasco?

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